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Jones Chiropractic & Acupuncture Provides Functional Medicine in Evansville IN

Have you ever taken in your car to the shop because of a noise you hear under the hood -- only to discover that the real problem originated in some other component altogether? The human body can have similar problems in which underlying ailments create a "domino effect" of biomechanical dysfunction. Here at Jones Chiropractic & Wellness, we aim to correct the root of your health challenge and in doing so, eliminate your symptoms and help your body work better. That's why we offer functional medicine in Evansville IN.

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Understanding Functional Medicine

To understand what functional medicine is all about, you must first understand how the countless parts of the body depend on each other. Damage, injury, or disease in one part of the body can have drastic negative effects on many other parts, eventually sabotaging your ability to perform necessary physical functions without pain (if at all) or creating systemic chronic syndromes that ruin your quality of life. A bulging lumbar disc that pinches a nerve, for instance, may cause pain and weakness in a leg -- causing the rest of your musculoskeletal system to overcompensate, which in turn leads to chronic muscle strain and/or joint problems.

Functional medicine takes your whole body and lifestyle into account when diagnosing and treating painful problems. Emotional stresses, poor dietary choices, postural irregularities, age-related wear and tear, and many other factors are weighed against each other to determine what's causing your symptoms. A multi-modal treatment approach that addresses every link in the chain can then be administered to bring your body back into good working order and "teach" it to stay that way.

What Can Functional Medicine Treat?

Functional medicine can theoretically help just about any condition involves multiple physical components, or any condition that inhibits normal motion, comfort, and activity. Our functional medicine doctor may prescribe it for a number of conditions and chronic syndromes such as TMJ, fibromyalgia, IBS, PBS, obesity (and the many complications related to it), autoimmune disorders, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Functional medicine and chiropractic care make a particularly effective combination. That's because chiropractic adjustments can greatly improve the way nerve signals circulate throughout the body, helping all those separate parts do their jobs as effectively as possible for better overall function. Since chiropractic treatment is also renowned for its ability to correct musculoskeletal alignment, it allows us to bring your muscles, connective tissues, and bones back into balance with each other as well.

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