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We value our patients' experience at Jones Chiropractic & Acupuncture. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Dr. Corey Jones
Your Evansville Chiropractor

Fertility Success!!!

   At 14 years old I was diagnosed with a uteran abnormality that caused me to undergo emergency surgery and one additional surgery for repair.  I remember the doctor asking me if I would like to have children so that he could make the necessary adjustments and hopefully I could carry a baby one day.
For many reasons I prolonged having children, however looking back it was mostly for fear that I would never be able to get pregnant or carry a baby safely.  At 30 my husband and I began seeking out doctors opinions and eventually infertility treatment.  I had heard through my doctor and through several friends that I should try acupuncture to increase my chances of a successful IVF procedure.  We planned to do IVF in September 2013, therefore I reached out to Dr. Jones in May to begin treatment.

   I remember Dr. Jones saying to me "my goal is to help you get pregnant with out IVF".  I laughed, but I continued with the treatment he suggested hoping that it would lead to a successful IVF in September.  On August 24, 2013 my husband and I found out we we're expecting without any medical intervention besides acupuncture.  We are now 26 weeks along and expecting our little boy in May.

   I am forever grateful for Dr. Corey Jones.  He is professional, sincere and always willing to go the extra mile for his patients.  We would not be where we are today without him.  Thank you Dr. Jones.

Infant's Colic Relief! A few weeks after our daughter was born, she developed the dreaded symptoms of colic.   Her sleep patterns became more irregular and we rarely had moments when she wasn’t crying.  We tried traditional treatments like dietary restrictions and medications for a few weeks but saw little to no improvement.  After a brief consultation with Dr. Jones, we were hopeful that he could help.  The evening after her first treatment, we saw significant improvement.  She slept through most of the night, waking only to nurse and falling right back to sleep.  Within a few days, her crying decreased to less than 25% of waking hours (down from about 80%).  Within a week she was smiling and cooing, with longer and longer periods of contentment.  I only wish we had brought her sooner—we spent several weeks feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, rather than falling in love with our daughter.  I would encourage any parent with a similar experience to see Dr. Jones, it helped us tremendously! -Kate

Absolutely love this place! I began seeing Dr. Jones for muscular pain in the right neck, shoulder, and arm. After a couple of adjustments and acupuncture treatments, the pain and tension has significantly improved and is, at times, non-existent. I wouldn't be able to continue in my own line of work were it not for Dr. Jones! -Tess

I'm Me Again! I've been living with chronic debilitating pain and fatigue for six years (due mainly to several traumatic injuries and fibromyalgia). It took so much focus and energy to manage the pain and survive each day that there wasn't much of -me- left at all. My three young children and my husband had only the shell of what I once was. When a doctor recently handed me a stack of prescriptions to help the symptoms I decided I'd had enough. I didn't want to mask the symptoms, I wanted to be fixed! I turned down the prescriptions, said a prayer and did a Google search for chiropractic and holistic offices and made an appointment. As soon as I walked in I had a good feeling about the place. It is well-appointed, clean, and the staff is very, very kind and attentive. Within just a few visits I experienced relief from the pain that has plagued me for so long. Within a couple weeks, I was starting to feel like myself again. I'm starting to get that spring back in my step and my smile has returned to my face. The care Dr. Jones has provided me has changed the life of me and my family. I am so blessed to have him on my side! Thank you Dr. Jones!! -Lisa

A New Life. My husband and I knew from the very beginning that we were going to struggle when trying to conceive.  Our first step was taking Clomid through the recommendation of my gynecologist after trying to conceive on our own for about 10 months.  The first attempt was unsuccessful, and the heartache and impatience we felt is indescribable.  We wanted a family and not knowing whether that would happen for us or not was almost too much to bare.

At this point, we took matters into our own hands.  We had heard about infertility acupuncture and were willing to try anything.  We still kept up with our doctor, but we contacted Dr. Jones.  He was very informative and explained thoroughly what would take place during acupuncture and why it should work.  My husband had a lot of questions for him, and after our first visit, we both felt that we were in good hands.  Dr. Jones was very knowledgeable.  We visited him twice a week for about 7 or 8 weeks.  

By the end of our time with him, we both had high hopes for our future.  The best news I've ever been able to deliver came just a short time later. My husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in May of 2013! -Jackie

Par for the course! I am 60 years old and facing the ultimate extreme sport---old age!  Additionally, I am deathly afraid of needles, but since dealing with foot neuropathy, a degenerative hand disease, and a bad hip and knee I was urged to give acupuncture a try...I was skeptical and terrified.  I met with Dr. Jones and he really listened to me and was convinced he could help me. I decided to give it a try.
At my first appointment, Dr. Jones was very calming and I felt totally at ease after he put the first needle in...I felt NOTHING.  I am getting amazing results with my hands, and very consistent relief with the rest of my problems.  I am extremely active and determined to continue my favorite physical activities.  Dr. Jones is making this possible with the acupuncture and spinal adjustments.  I finally have hope!
Thank you Dr. Jones...what a blessing you are!!!! -K

Acupuncture Works! I met Dr. Corey Jones a week after I dropped a 100 toolchest on my hand. I had gone to a minor emergency clinic and they just cleaned it, x-rayed it and sent me home. A week later and it was still grossly swollen and painful. Dr. Jones gave me one acupuncture treatment and told me to wait and see if I noticed any improvement over night. I will admit, I was skeptical. After the treatment, I didn't feel any better. However, about 8 hours later, I noticed that the swelling had gone down to the point that it was no longer painful to touch it and I could actually make a fist. It is still swollen, but quite a bit better than before the treatment. The next morning Dr. Jones contacted me personally to see how my hand was and we agreed that another treatment could be helpful. I am very happy with my early results. Time will tell how much it has helped, but for now, I am just very glad to be able to use it and be pretty much pain-free! I would highly recommend anyone who has pain from any source to give acupuncture a try with Dr. Jones. -Hal

  Migraines gone after 30 years! I have suffered with sever migraine headaches for over 30 years and have tried almost every type of remedy for relief to no avail. After just three weeks of acupuncture and adjustments from Dr. Jones my migraine headaches have dropped to the lowest number in years. Thanks Dr Jones for your advise, your personal concern and most of all stopping the migraines. -Bob

Relief at Last! All day every day I sit at my desk and work on my computer.  I am constantly looking to the left at the data I am entering and then turning my head to look at the monitor directly in front of me.   My neck was hurting all the time and when I woke up in the mornings, my neck was stiff and tight.  
I finally decided to seek treatment from a chiropractor.  I had heard good things about Dr. Corey Jones so I made an appointment to see him.  Dr. Jones evaluated my situation and adjusted my neck as well as my back.  The morning after my first treatment, I woke up with no pain in my neck for the first time in months.  It was such a relief.  My back also felt much better.    I have always believed in chiropractic care and do not like to take medication which masks the pain.    
I am very impressed with Dr. Jones.  His office is in a very convenient location and he is very attentive, compassionate and knowledgeable.  Dr. Jones is a real professional.  Thank you, Dr. Jones!!! - Cindy

Help w/ Lower Back Pain  After having a baby (and gaining all that baby weight) my lower back was killing me. After just my first visit to Dr. Jones, I finally felt some relief from the pain! He recommended that I do acupuncture first for 20 minutes and then get adjusted. I had never done acupuncture before, but now I'm addicted. It felt amazing and really helped!!! Dr. Jones really helped get rid of my lower back pain and I would definitely recommend going to see him ASAP! -Brittney

Migraine Relief! I am a patient of Dr. Jones' and I must say, he is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to! I am always nervous about any type of doctor appointment, but I immediately felt at ease in his office.  He was patient listening to my struggle with migraines and after I gave him the back story of how long, severe, etc they were, he informed me of the options I had that he was confident would work. I can gladly say he has helped cure my migraines! With adjustments and acupuncture, I am now migraine free!!! Dr. Jones was professional, understanding, and genuinely a great person! I will definitely recommend him to anyone!!! -Kellye

I visited Dr. Jones to have him address some minor back soreness that I was having each morning when I woke up. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor so I was nervous.

Dr. Jones was very professional and took time to explain to me some of the possible causes of my issue.

I’ve got to admit, after he “cracked my back” I felt amazing! I’ve been feeling much better in the mornings.

It’s definitely worth the visit!  Thanks Dr. Jones! -Jared

I have had severe back pain caused by my L3, L5.  The last procedure was an epidural to alleviate the pain.  That procedure only helped the pain for about three months.  My doctor mentioned that the next step was for me to have surgery again if the pain didn’t get better. I have been taking pain medication when my pain was intolerable or when I could not walk or get out of bed. The best way to describe my pain was like taking your nails and running them across a blackboard back and forth.  My last straw was a severe pain episode I had this summer that immobilized me for hours.  My husband and daughter had to help me get out of bed, dressed me and propped me in a recliner where I spent the day suspended from life.  That day I made a conscious decision to find alternative methods to stop my pain.  I didn’t want to have back surgery again.  My husband and I started planning to move to a state where alternative medicinal choices were available.  I also thought to try acupuncture. 

Out of despair I purchased a Groupon in August for acupuncture and chiropractic services.  I have thought about acupuncture but never tried it before.  My first visit to Dr. Corey Jones was on August 23rd of this year. I have to confess to you, I was skeptical at first. I thought it may help me, but it will take weeks as physical therapy has done it in the past.  Let me tell you, almost instantly my back pain subsided.  That weekend I didn’t know hot to act. My back pain has been such an enabler for me that I didn’t realize how much in agony I have spend my adult life.  The next time I saw Dr. Jones I almost kissed him.  I now have seen him several times. I had a couple of adjustments, but what has worked for me the best is his acupuncture treatments. 

Please recommend Dr. Jones to anyone that is in severe pain and are looking for alternative holistic methods.  He has made me a believer.  My husband is now one of his patients as well, and the healing process for him was as miraculous as it was for me! -Maura

I went to Dr. Jones with sinus congestion due to allergies, my face hurt from sinus pressure and I was miserable. I couldn't get any relief from over the counter medications and I had been religiously taking allergy medication. After my first visit to Dr. Jones I felt tremendously better, within minutes I felt less pressure in my sinuses. After a few visits I felt 100% better and quit taking the medications I was on. I was amazed! –Liz

I first visited Dr. Jones because of the migraine headaches I had been having, at least weekly.  In addition to my headaches, I was also having left shoulder pain and upper back pain.  I had been to numerous specialists to help with my migraines in the past to no avail.  During my first visit, Dr. Jones did a slight adjustment and ordered x-rays of my neck and upper back.  The results of my x-rays were astounding!  I had severe scoliosis and was completely unaware!  So I began a treatment plan for this condition that included both chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.  After a series of intense treatment (about 2 months), my migraines have gone away and my neck, back, and shoulders are virtually pain free!  I used to think body pain was just something I had to be used to, NOT ANYMORE!!! Thank YOU!!!  Eva

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Absolutely the best. I credit this man to treating my lyme disease and other health problems. I am pain free and healed. I always recommend him to everyone"
    Mary Etta K.
  • "Everything was very well put together and organized! Very friendly and professional!! I highly recommend Dr. Jones for any and all chiropractic and acupuncture needs!!"
    Kellye Jones J.

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